Category: Corporate Identity

Another Business Card


businessI designed a new business card for myself this year, I only really use them when I travel for business so every year I’ll make a new design for fun. This one has been really popular, several people from Imagine Nation and Books are fun saw mine and wanted one of their own. I really love this coffee shop chalkboard trend because I am such a big fan of typography. I hope it lasts for a while!

Eco-friendly Bamboo

This cookbook holder holds the book open to the page you desire and protects it from splatter. Pretty good idea! This was part of an eco-friendly bamboo product display so I was asked to make the packaging appeal to that market specifically. The second Item was a part of the whole eco-friendly display as well, photo frame coasters.

Flier Promoting School Catalog Program

This is the flier that was mailed out to get people excited about the catalog program that Imagine Nation Books & Gifts did. I designed it to get as much info across as I could at first glance. People don’t really look at their mail very long so I made the message large and sort of bullet pointed the ideas. I love the class photograph I found, I searched through thousands of stock photos to find it, great mix of ethnicity and almost everyone is smiling.